Spray Notice - All Orchards

If you are a neighbour of one of our orchards, or a field worker, or anyone else who may be affected by our pest/disease management operations, please review the information below, and be vigilant to avoid any accidental harm. We use an integrated pest management program, and endeavor to only spray when necessary to maintain the commercial quality of our produce. We cannot provide exact times, or dates in advance of any sprays as it is often extremely weather dependent, and time critical to apply.  Our staff is trained to ensure drift is contained within our orchards and that drift does not reach sensitive areas.  Monitoring spray drift as we spray to observe changes in wind direction and speed is essential to our spraying practices.  Please note early mornings, late evenings, or night spraying is sometimes required as generally those are the hours conducive to spraying due to lower wind speeds, lower temperatures, and higher humidity.  

In a few of our orchards we will be introducing a 'flagging' system to notify our neighbours of the toxicity levels of sprays being used on the orchard.

  • Green: Relatively Non-Toxic
  • Yellow: Slightly Toxic
  • Orange: Moderately Toxic
  • Red: Very Toxic (these products are never used at Coral Beach Farms)


Oral LD52l

Dermal LD52



Very Toxic (V)

0 to 50

0 to 200

Moderately Toxic (M)

51 to 500

201 to 1,000

Slightly Toxic (S)

501 to 2499

1001 to 2499

Relatively Non Toxic (RN)

over 2500

over 2500



We are now at Pit Hardening stage.  At this stage we apply a growth regulator to enhance fruit quality.  This spray requires slow drying conditions and must be applied during cool weather.  This generally means spraying at night when temps are low and winds are calm.




Spraying  Active Toxicity Rating

(Y = yes) (N = No)

N = Nutrient Oral LD52 Dermal LD52
F = Fungicide
G = Growth Regulator
Kopje Apple Block - 14000 Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country N      
Main Orchard - 16351 Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country Y G S S
Battison - 15000 Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country Y G S S
Rainbow Orchard - Pow Road & Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country Y G S S
Sellinger Orchard - Goldie Road & Okanagan Center Road, Lake Country Y G S S
Camp Orchard - Camp Road & Hallam Drive, Lake Country Y G S S
Duck Lake Orchard - 4085 Shanks Road, Kelowna Y G S S
Glenmore Orchard - Valley Road, Kelowna Y G S S
Belgo Orchard - Tamaki Lane, Kelowna Y G S S
Dendy Orchards - Pow Road, Keowna Y G S S
Bertram Orchard - Bertram, Kelowna Y G S S
Lower Oyama Orchard - Cliff Road & Broadwater Road, Oyama Y G S S
Marshall Oyama - 14011 Oyama Road & Middle Bench Road Y G S S
Towgood Oyama - Middle Bench Road Y G S S
Eldorado Orchard - Beaver Lake Road, Lake Country Y G S S
Lavington Orchard - 6596 Buchanan Road, Coldstream Y G S S
Coldstream Orchard - 10152 Warren Road, Coldstream Y G S S
Cholla Orchard - 225 Siwash Creek Road, Vernon Y G S S
Bella Vista Orchard - 2690 O'keefe Road, Vernon N      
Layer Cake Orchard - 2975 Gallagher Road, Kelowna N      

For further information, please call 250-766-5393, fax 250-766-0813


























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