Cherry Varieties

Coral Beach Farms Cherries - SatinSatin: Satin is our earliest maturing variety of cherry. Harvest usually runs from July 14th to 20th. Satin is a large heart shaped cherry with a thick green stem. Typical row size peak is 8.5 and 9. The fruit is very firm with a mild sweet flavour. Satin is currently not widely available from suppliers other than Coral Beach. This cherry makes a very unique and attractive retail display.


Coral Beach Farms Cherries - Sylvia

Sylvia: Sylvia is produced in small volumes at Coral Beach Farms, as it is a finicky variety to grow.  The cherry is very dark red, and can become almost black at full maturity.  Some of our most discerning customers maintain that Sylvia is their absolute favourite. Harvest usually runs from July 20th to 25th.


Coral Beach Farms Cherries - LapinsLapins: Lapins produced in the cooler climes of the Okanagan Valley are a sweet, firm textured, juicy cherry. Harvest usually runs from July 23rd to August 1st. Lapins are a very large, broad shouldered cherry and typically peak on 8.5 to 9.5 row. Lapins is named after Dr. Karl Lapins who pioneered the breeding work resulting in all the selections produced at Coral Beach. 


Coral Beach Farms Cherries - SweetheartSweetheart: Sweetheart is considered by many of our customers to be our flagship cherry variety. Our unique growing conditions produce a large Sweetheart, which typically peaks on 9.5 and 9 row. Sweetheart's other attributes are a thick green stem, a very firm flesh, balanced flavour, and a bright pin striped dark red over red finish. Harvest usually runs from August 2nd to August 12th. 


Coral Beach Farms Cherries - StaccatoStaccato: Staccato is a winning cherry variety. It has inherited the same firm crunchy texture as it's parent Sweetheart, along with Sweetheart's fine appearance and taste. Staccato is planted at various elevations of our farm and usually matures from August 12th to 20th. Size typically peaks on 9.5 row. Staccato is a patented variety that is produced in limited quantities outside of British Columbia. 


Coral Beach Farms Cherries - Sovereign Sovereign: Like Staccato, Sovereign is an offspring of Sweetheart. A Sovereign cherry has a very firm texture, with a long thick stem and more of a heart shape than either Sweetheart or Staccato. Customerfeedback on this variety has been stellar. Peak size is usually 9.5 and 10 row with harvest running from August 20th to 25th. 


Coral Beach Farms Cherries - SentennialSentennial:  Sentennial is a very recent introduction, currently produced only in small volumes at Coral Beach Farms.   Early test market results have be very promising and larger scale plantings are now being developed.  This cherry is broad shouldered like a Sweetheart, with an extremely firm, crunchy texture and tastes similar to Staccato or Sweetheart.  Harvest can start as late as 1st September.


Other Varieties: Other cherry varieties produced in smaller volumes at Coral Beach Farms include Sonata, Sonnet, and Sandra Rose. Information on these varieties is available upon request. In addition, Coral Beach Farms conducts an ongoing testing program as new crosses emerge from the breeding program in Summerland. Some very promising candidates are emerging for commercial introduction in future years. 

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