A Day in the Packing Plant

What is it like sorting cherries?

Our sorting room is less physically demanding than other areas of production, but this essential role has many other challenges. You will need to be mentally strong, and able to maintain a good eye for detail for long periods of time, over our short 6 week harvest season. Concentration and stamina are the key attributes required for this job.

Sorting room hours vary at the start of harvest, but ramp up over the last 4 weeks. You will work with a team of 3 to 4 people, be paid hourly, plus receive an incentive based on the number of pails sorted, and the accuracy of your work. On-going training is provided due to the nature of our cherries, and the different varieties. You will be shown how to identify quality cherries, and grade them appropriately, and efficiently as a team. We aim to provide at least one day off per week when possible.

Like many of the job areas at Coral Beach Farms the sorting room is a diverse workplace that benefits from a vibrant multi-cultural influence. It's a great place to improve and practice your Spanish. If we meet our daily target there is usually a fiesta!

Appropriate clothing should be worn to remain comfortable in the temperature controlled environment. Comfortable closed toed footwear with good traction is preferred to assist in working long hours. Hoodies and beanies are provided along with plastic aprons and sleeves to keep you dry, warm, and clean.

We have strict food safety standards that limit certain activities, and items, such as jewelry, smoking, food, and drink to specific areas. Those with long hair need to tie it back, and fingernails need to be trimmed short, so as to not damage the cherries.

A meal program for $12 per day will be available if you require lunch on site. Otherwise, you can bring your own lunch.

Come and be part of the Coral Beach Farm family! We have some of the best summer jobs in Canada where you can be part of fun yet hardworking international community!

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Just don't take our word....

I think I’ve done almost every job possible at CBF and every summer it’s been a new and awesome experience! You have to dedicate six full weeks of hard work and some pretty crazy hours but my jobs at CBF have paid my way through university and I’ve made some amazing friendships with people from all over the world!!

Kelly Sellinger, BC

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