A Day in the Life of a Picker

The Geen family and staff are committed to making a summer of cherry picking both memorable and rewarding. The job is physically demanding requiring long hours, and often long stretches of days. However, our high rate of employees who return year after year is a testament to the financial and personal achievement one can expect once achieved the distinguished title of a 'Coral Beach Cherry Picker'.

What do you bring?

  • Your camping gear and guitar 
  • A good attitude and above average physical fitness
  • Ability to work well under pressure and a passion to succeed
  • A desire to bring a world class product to a worldwide market

What do we provide?

  • Six to eight weeks of summer employment
  • A safe and respective work environment
  • Industry leading compensation and living conditions
  • An opportunity to help bring a world class product to a worldwide market

Other information:

  • You are paid by the pound and therefore your daily pay usually increases with experience. 
  • The season runs from mid-July to the first week of September with a limited number of days off, however most days the picking starts early and finishes before noon so there is time to refresh. Occasionally we will pick until 1:30 or 2:00 pm, but these days are the exceptions.
  • Afternoons and evenings are your own to relax and do as you like. Because picking starts early each morning, we ask pickers staying in our Camp observe a quiet time from 9:00 pm onward each evening.
  • Out of respect for all of our picking staff we will not accept unruly behavior in our camp.

See cherry picking in action and a slice of life in our Camp! Take a look at our fruit picking video on our you tube channel.

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Just don't take our word....

I haven't stopped raving about Coral Beach since I came back to England! It's a hectic 7 weeks but the location, the people I met and the experience made it all so worthwhile. I was able to use my languages on the Front Desk and explore a part of Canada I had never been to before. As far as a working holiday goes, I'd say Coral Beach is right up there!

Jess Parsons, UK

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