Growing our cherries requires keeping pests and diseases from impacting them, and we spray as necessary to grow sound fruit. While we cannot provide exact times or dates far in advance of sprays, because of variable insect populations and weather, we update our online spray notice regularly. The spray notice denotes locations scheduled, and relative toxicity of sprays being applied.

In order to safely apply pesticides, it is important to do so when weather conditions are appropriate - calm conditions and moderate temperatures being the key factors. In the heat of summer, this means early mornings, late evenings or nighttime, are often the best conditions to safely apply sprays.

Our staff is trained and supervised to ensure spray applications are made under safe conditions with properly calibrated equipment, using correct rates, and observing all government and Worksafe BC regulations.

Spray Notice

The following legends denote relative toxicity and active ingredients of the pesticides we use. The toxicity ratings are established by exhaustive testing performed by Health Canada through its scientists at the Pest Management Regulatory Agency


Slightly Toxic

Moderately Toxic





Upcoming Sprays

Growth Stage: N/A
SprayingActive IngredientOralDermal
Kopje Apple Block
14000 Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country
Main Orchard
16351 Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country
15000 Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country
Rainbow Orchard
Pow Road & Carr's Landing Road, Lake Country
Sellinger Orchard
Goldie Road & Okanagan Center Road, Lake Country
Camp Orchard
Camp Road & Hallam Drive, Lake Country
Duck Lake Orchard
4085 Shanks Road, Kelowna
Glenmore Orchard
Valley Road, Kelowna
Belgo Orchard
Tamaki Lane, Kelowna
Dendy Orchards
Pooley Road & East Kelowna Road, Kelowna
Bertram Orchard
Bertram, Kelowna
Lower Oyama Orchard
Cliff Road & Broadwater Road, Oyama
Marshall Oyama
14011 Oyama Road & Middle Bench Road, Lake Country
Towgood Oyama
Middle Bench Road, Lake Country
Eldorado Orchard
Beaver Lake Road, Lake Country
Lavington Orchard
6596 Buchanan Road, Coldstream
Coldstream Orchard
10152 Warren Road, Coldstream
Cholla Orchard
225 Siwash Creek Road, Vernon
Bella Vista Orchard
2690 O'keefe Road, Vernon
Layer Cake Orchard
2975 Gallagher Road, Kelowna

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